How to Use Your Resume to Showcase Your Communication Skills

Communication is a key skill for any business professional, and it's essential to demonstrate your communication abilities on your resume. But how do you do that? In this article, we'll provide you with tips and examples of how to showcase your communication skills on your resume. The work experience section of your resume is the best place to list communication skills. Using the job description as a starting point, identify what type of communication skills the position requires and address each of them with a vignette.

For example, instead of saying that you have great presentation skills, you could write that you spoke to more than 100 conference attendees as a panelist. If you don't have a lot of paid work experience, or you're having trouble finding examples of communication skills, that's okay. Personal or academic projects and extracurricular activities can be used to show communication skills, especially if you're a current student or have recently graduated. You also have the option to add to your resume, the tool will quickly scan it and tell you what skills are missing and which you need to add.

The most important thing to remember when including communication skills in your resume is to show, not tell. An easy way to check if you've really demonstrated your strong communication skills to hiring managers is to upload your resume to the next tool. If you want to be more specific, check out our list of skills and keywords worth including in your resume, broken down by sector and position. Here are some examples of achievements that demonstrate communication skills and that look great on a resume:

  • Managed staff, organized meetings, and coordinated reports and other correspondence.
  • Ran multiple social media campaigns on various platforms.
  • Gave and received feedback effectively.
  • Solved problems and managed a wide range of customer interactions.
  • Created a positive team atmosphere.
  • Maintained customer relationships.
  • Reached out to community partners.
  • Led official (or unofficial) training sessions.
Remember that communication is almost like a hidden skill: you use it all the time, but you rarely notice it. Being able to communicate effectively is essential for any job, so make sure that your resume showcases your communication abilities in the best possible light.